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Falster Farm Semen Customers in New Zealand Helen and Chris.

imageHOW TO ORDER Mini Bull SEMEN:


Phone or e-mail your semen requirements on one or more of our listed sires (or jump to our PayPal easy on-line purchases page and buy now.)

There is no minimum order. Please consult your AI PRACTIONER for his recommendations on the number of straws to order per cow. Most recommend 3 per cow. You may order one straw or up to the inventory total of any of our bull(s) - as you wish.

Falster Pure Bred Miniature bulls have been collected for AI at 4 different laboratories. All that semen is now held in cryogenic suspension at one of them: Champion Genetics in Canton, TX. If you should decide to AI your mini cows and purchase frozen semen from Falster Farm, the ladies at Champion will set up a shipping account with you. They will "loan" your AI Practitioner a shipper tank for express delivery. FedEx or UPS requires you to supply them with his physical address and phone number. Champion ships only on days that will insure the semen arrives at your AI Practitioner during business hours.

Domestic Price per straw of semen is listed by Herd Sire in US dollars. While we accept most foreign currency with no fees, special requirements exist. Established by your government and the USDA/State Department, these health tests and importation requirements must be met. The bulk of our frozen is Health and Export Certified for Off Shore sales.

Semen Inventory: as of August 7, 2017

MB MARTIN LUTHER (Hereford) 8 Straws  -- $100.00 ea. ships from Champion
KNF CIBOLO  (Mini Hereford) 273 Straws -- $50.00 ea. ships from Champion
KNF GENERAL STAN WATIE (Mini Hereford) 960 Straws -- $50.00 ea. ships from Champion
RD ARGYLE BARNEY  (Mini Hereford) 0 Straws SOLD OUT -THANKS! -- $10.00 ea. ships from Champion
KNF ORLANDO BENNETT (Mini Jersey) 31 Straws -- $25.00 ea. ships from Champion
SIRE CERTIFICATE To request, Contact Us by email. -- $125.00 ea. ships from Falster
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Once your funds are in our account, we release your order and it is shipped directly from our storage facilities in Canton, Texas to your door. It's that simple. As several of our customers will attest, we bend over backwards to make our semen sales work smoothly and on time.


Frozen Semen are shipped directly to your door by UPS or FedEx in loaner vapor shippers. A call back label is issued with each tank and the shipping tanks are picked up by the carrier at your door within two or three days. FALSTER tries to provide the most cost effective shipping service in the Cattle industry:

FREE round-trip shipping of 20 straws or more. Combine your order with a neighbor and save.

Shipping costs for all orders under 20 straws are paid by the purchaser. The cost of UPS ground shipment of semen to you including the automatic pickup and return of our shipping tank ranges from $59 to $95 and takes between two and five days depending on your location relative to our storage facility in Canton, Texas. Yes, you may pick up the container and return it in person.
These expedited services are available with an additional charge. When time is short and specific delivery times are required, this may be the way to go. With large orders these additional charges are often reduced or waived. You always pay the direct ship price, we have no mark-up or handling fees.
Falster Farm TERMS
In order to provide the highest level of service at the least cost to our customers, payment is due at the time of your order.
The mission of Falster Farm on Pasture 365™ Ranch is to acquaint both the student and practitioner with the process of getting started, adding to, or converting into the Miniature (Low Line) Cattle Business or Hobby with a profit perspective in mind. We certainly don't have all the answers but we promise to provide support to any seeking information. Contact Us by email.



Mama Mini Cow tending her Spring mini Calf

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We invite your inquiry into our farming practice to see for yourself the calming and beneficial attributes of our sustainable bio-dynamic approach to the rural life.

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